Monday, March 2, 2015

A Scroll Down Memory Lane

 Hayden took this photo on his class field trip to La Purisima. Those are some big horns Oh My Goodness!
 Beckett in Lahaina last April. This photo is followed by him crying on the sidewalk. We forget why he was crying but it's one of those cries that make you laugh because he is so cute.
 A few more of the trip to the Westside of Maui. Dan's Green House has some exotic birds and even little piglets. This is Prince and he is a rare bird with tons of character. He loves Kelly because she was wearing a colorful top when they met.
 Me....totally freaked out. This little guy actually bit me.
 Maui Boys shave ice is a favorite. The boys are so lucky that we say yes to this treat.
 When I post on this blog I am usually looking for pictures of the whole family but I am always surprised at how hard they are to find. I am not in this one but at least all the boys are. I think the girl in the background is thinking she may want a red vine with hers too.
 Sunset at Kaanapali. No Ka Oi
 On this day the pier section was on fire! I haven't surfed in three months now and this was the first week after dislocating my shoulder. I thought I'd at least get a good shot but then my camera ran out of batteries. At least I got this shot. I am going to Rincon today or tomorrow to surf for the first time in so long!
 Chet and his dad doing the routine.
 Hayden making his face at ye all! This is close to Bainbridge Island in Wa. Kelly has family there and we were visiting. Katie and Justin's wedding was amazing and a highlight was when Scott towed them on their dingey and lit off fireworks from the boat. I also thought it was great when Justin carried Katie through the water to the boat. They are a happy couple.
 My lovely wife!
 This is Scott the firework man. If you are ever in Wa. for the Fourth of July check out his firework show. He puts one on every year and it is supposed to be really good.
 I think this is a pre-Beckett photo of the fam. The Olympia Mountain range is looming in the background. Hayden and Gavin love the NorthWest and they have been going there since forever. We all love it there and Hayden may be going to camp in the San Juan Islands this summer. He may go for an entire month. I will miss him so much I may not let him go. He can just lounge on the couch and I will constantly tell him no more X-Box instead.
All three boys! This was a staycation in Carpinteria. Carp is such a great town and being able to fall asleep to the ocean everynight was a highlight. It was amazing being so close to the ocean.
 Throwing it back with a diaper man shot! Beckett has such soft skin it is addicting to hug and kiss him. I have the urge to do it right now. Love Love Yes Yes.
 All three boys again. Is Beckett crying? Awwwww!
 This is me ice skating. I love skating because it's like skiing in the summer. Sun Valley has an outdoor rink that rocks!
This is Ryan and Krista's wedding in Sun Valley, Idaho. This is the Hook Draw Saloon and it takes you back to the way things use to be. Poker is played here and you could easily get shot if you drew a card from the bottom of the deck. When I play there I always bring a pistol and an extra Ace of Spades.
This is Kelly's cousin Morgan looking lovely with her friends. They are cowgirls at heart. Morgan is an amazing person and she is blessed with a beautiful family which we adore.
Me ice skating again.
 Riders on the storm
 Beckett as the beach baby. We spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer and this photo brings back so many memories of summer.
This is Liberty and we miss her as our neighbor. This picture was taken when Gavin was about 6 years old. He was really into soccor and he would wear his cleats to school everyday. I got him a Lakers jersey and he wore that a bunch too but it wasn't Magic Johnson it was Karl Malone who only had a short stint with the Lakers.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beckett, Hayden and Gavin

 The bros now how to bring it after desert! Mud pie, Cheesecake, huh?
 Gavin gettin' his Central Coast on!
 The Coast of California may be somewhere over here. Gavin getting ready to tuck or get out.
 This one was hard to tell where it was shot when you start looking at the coastline in the background. A few places come to mind.
 This is what I call SMORES "African Style"!
 Beckett thought he would invite his girlfriends over despite all the possible drama. He said they all got along like he was a rockstar or something.
 C.B.B.! Showing em' how to bring it at the Beckett Bash!
 Chloe Rudd at Beckett's 4th Birthday Party and we were so happy to see her!
 The bros!
 Love Loves!

 Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland? Have you ever been EXPERIENCED? Well............
 The Kendama Groma
 One day in Huntington Beach.
 Gavin, pre-disaster heat
 Gavin post-disaster heat. The sting from busting out of his NSSA Nationals heat stung until this moment. A sick session at Lower Trestles help get thing back on top. Yeeee!
 Got Bacon Too?
 Gavin "Lego My Eggo" Eason
 The remedy and reward.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kendama Rules for Parents


1. Do not use the Kendama while crossing a street. You may get hit by a car!

2. It's OK to bring the Kendama to school as long as the school's rules are obeyed.

3. It's Ok to use in the house but only in designated rooms. Basically a room with no flatscreen TVs.

4. No Kendama while driving. This will drive parents crazy!

5. Put the Kendama away when eating at the dinner table or at a restaurant.

6. No Kendama until you are ready for school. Get dressed, eat and brush your hair and teeth first!

7. You must ask if you are allowed to use the Kendama while waiting in line with a parent. Some places are ok while others are not ok.

8. When greeting guests the Kendama is put away. Once you say hello you must ask if it's ok. Sometimes the Kendama will be put away when guests are over.

9. Keep your distance from others while playing.

10. Never use the Kendama to hurt your siblings.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The NSSA West Coast Regional Championships Was Held in Pumping 4-6 ft Surf

Thank you to the NSSA for hosting such a wonderful event. The level of surfing was advanced and these groms have taken surfing to another level. Congrats to all the new champions and all the competitors truly have something to be proud of.