Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beckett, Hayden and Gavin

 The bros now how to bring it after desert! Mud pie, Cheesecake, huh?
 Gavin gettin' his Central Coast on!
 The Coast of California may be somewhere over here. Gavin getting ready to tuck or get out.
 This one was hard to tell where it was shot when you start looking at the coastline in the background. A few places come to mind.
 This is what I call SMORES "African Style"!
 Beckett thought he would invite his girlfriends over despite all the possible drama. He said they all got along like he was a rockstar or something.
 C.B.B.! Showing em' how to bring it at the Beckett Bash!
 Chloe Rudd at Beckett's 4th Birthday Party and we were so happy to see her!
 The bros!
 Love Loves!

 Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland? Have you ever been EXPERIENCED? Well............
 The Kendama Groma
 One day in Huntington Beach.
 Gavin, pre-disaster heat
 Gavin post-disaster heat. The sting from busting out of his NSSA Nationals heat stung until this moment. A sick session at Lower Trestles help get thing back on top. Yeeee!
 Got Bacon Too?
 Gavin "Lego My Eggo" Eason
 The remedy and reward.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kendama Rules for Parents


1. Do not use the Kendama while crossing a street. You may get hit by a car!

2. It's OK to bring the Kendama to school as long as the school's rules are obeyed.

3. It's Ok to use in the house but only in designated rooms. Basically a room with no flatscreen TVs.

4. No Kendama while driving. This will drive parents crazy!

5. Put the Kendama away when eating at the dinner table or at a restaurant.

6. No Kendama until you are ready for school. Get dressed, eat and brush your hair and teeth first!

7. You must ask if you are allowed to use the Kendama while waiting in line with a parent. Some places are ok while others are not ok.

8. When greeting guests the Kendama is put away. Once you say hello you must ask if it's ok. Sometimes the Kendama will be put away when guests are over.

9. Keep your distance from others while playing.

10. Never use the Kendama to hurt your siblings.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The NSSA West Coast Regional Championships Was Held in Pumping 4-6 ft Surf

Thank you to the NSSA for hosting such a wonderful event. The level of surfing was advanced and these groms have taken surfing to another level. Congrats to all the new champions and all the competitors truly have something to be proud of.